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Meet Our Visionaries

Charbel Atala

Founder & Chief Talent Architect

Bridging worlds from corporate law to talent acquisition, I wield a global lens and an innate talent for harmonizing organizational needs with the right individuals. This journey ignites my drive to uncover the ideal match for each unique role.

Mahsa Kowsari

Director of Strategy & Operations

Championing behind-the-scenes brilliance at Talent Gurus, I leverage my Fortune 500 experience and digital strategy acumen to craft talent solutions that resonate deeply and drive growth. My focus? Nurturing partnerships and leading with customer-centric innovation.
Autonomy & Excellence - Autonomy & Excellence -
Talent Gurus champions a culture where autonomy and deep work synergize. Our ethos? Empower our Gurus to pioneer and make impactful decisions. Deep work isn't just a concept in our realm—it's a catalyst for exceptional outcomes.

This fusion of freedom and focus fuels creativity, drives innovation, and results in extraordinary achievements. It's the pulse of our commitment to excellence, inspiring our team and enhancing our clients' success.

Our Holistic Talent Solutions

Dive into Talent Gurus' distinctive journey. Here, we redefine talent acquisition, focusing on crafting individualized strategies and ensuring seamless integration from start to finish. Our approach is not just about filling positions, but about creating lasting connections and empowering your organization with the right talent, tailored to your needs.

Talent Blueprint

Collaborative job description creation and candidate persona development, enriched with strategic market insights and compensation guidance.

Candidate Navigator

Engaging in a collaborative exploration, we identify and connect with potential candidates, leading to a thoughtfully tailored shortlist.

Interview Design

We develop competency-based interview frameworks and focus on behavior-driven inquiries to ensure a comprehensive candidate assessment.

Trust Check

Conducting thorough reference verifications to affirm the caliber of your top candidates.

Talent Insight

Tailoring assessments to gauge the unique qualities and competencies essential for your specific roles.

Onboarding Strategy

Crafting effective strategies for smooth and successful onboarding experiences.

Continued Success Support

Providing ongoing support for six months to ensure smooth transitions and enduring success.
Career Path Illuminators - Career Path Illuminators -
Discover Talent Gurus' unique career journeys, shaped by 
your individuality. CLIMB (Career Leadership & Impactful Management Boost) offers intensive career coaching for those aiming high, focusing on assessment, personal branding, and strategic planning. STEP (Skills Transformation Enhancement Package) is crafted for skill refinement, enhancing your resume, LinkedIn profile, and more.

CLIMB and STEP forge a personalized career path, guiding you with clarity and purpose. Both programs feature our Career Advancement Blueprint, a concise guide brimming with strategic insights, market trends, and key growth tactics. 
It's your roadmap to enduring success, crafted for impactful career navigation.

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